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Customer & Supplier Ledger

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The Customer and Supplier Ledgers provide a full overview of all open ledger items made to your customers and suppliers, thus simplifying payment management.

Entries on accounts that are setup with a ledger function in the Chart of Accounts are automatically posted both in the Nominal Ledger and in the Customer/Supplier Ledgers. In the Financials you can find the entries on the account with a Customer/Supplier ledger function, while you will find the same items by the Customer and Supplier ledger no. in the Customer/Supplier ledgers. When you define a contact as a Customer/Supplier in the Contact card, a Customer/Supplier number is assigned. This is the same number as the Customer/Supplier ledger number.

The Customer/Supplier Ledger links information from other modules. There are several occasions where it can be useful to view information from these modules. You can open them directly from the customer /supplier ledger by clicking on the buttons Go to contact, Go to invoice and Go to journal. By using the buttons in the margin, you can select between different displays and functions in the module. The Customer list, Supplier list, Ledger list and Aged analysis have various functions for processing items in the customer and supplier ledgers.



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