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Whatsapp Billing

Learn more about Whatsapp Billing.

With more than 200 million monthly active users in India, WhatsApp is one of the most popular modes of communication in our country. Business owners use WhatsApp as a medium of communication with their customers, which helps them in serving their customers faster and growing their business.

Small businesses deal with many things at a time and some of these can be really time-consuming. Especially, sending estimates and invoices over email, negotiating the price, and waiting to receive payments can be a big pain for businesses as it ends up taking away a lot of their precious time.

In our endeavor to help you save time, we have released a new feature to the Bill Banao. Bill Banao is now integrated with WhatsApp. This means you can now quickly send those professional invoices to your customers on WhatsApp, and get paid faster.

How does it work for your business? 

With the integration with WhatsApp, not only can you create invoices in Bill Banao but can now send them to your customers on WhatsApp. So, if you use BillBanao app on your PC or Phone, go ahead and create invoices and send them to your customers on WhatsApp in one click!



"Before Bill Banao I dreaded the accounting side of my business. Now I can get everything done in minutes and spend time doing what I love."
- Mihir das
"We use Bill Banao to manage our huge volume floating customers at our sales counter, and customers and we easily manage our inventory and accounts with it on the spot."
- Saheb Bose

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