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Notification & Messaging

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Automated inventory management notifications of Bill Banao can be achieved by implementing Codeless Platforms’ Business Process Automation Platform. The Platform provides monitoring capabilities that ensures suppliers and customers are provided with real-time inventory updates. This can be achieved by providing you with:

  1. An easy to use drag and drop graphical user interface (GUI) to synchronise data

  2. Flexible system integration, removing the need for complex programming

  3. Limitless automated business processes and business notifications

Enhancing inventory management control by monitoring and reporting on stock data changes can help to enforce company rules and procedures so that stock levels are optimised to the businesses best practices. Companies that automate inventory alerts commonly see the following commercial benefits:

  1. Reduced stock waste

  2. Optimised inventory levels

  3. Improved cross department visibility of stock data

  4. Enforced best practices

Users see these notifications on their smart phones or PC and they will also able to send message to their customers as well. Basically, Bill Banao has the provision to send a message or notification to the users as well as the stake holders of the users. 



"Before Bill Banao I dreaded the accounting side of my business. Now I can get everything done in minutes and spend time doing what I love."
- Mihir das
"We use Bill Banao to manage our huge volume floating customers at our sales counter, and customers and we easily manage our inventory and accounts with it on the spot."
- Saheb Bose

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